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Need Help? A Tidbit About Us

If we can assist you or if you are not happy with something you've ordered from us, please reach out so we can make it right!

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Working at corporate headquarters for Target starting in 2000 planted a seed.  As a twenty-something, I was mesmerized by the daily mantra, tagline, brand promise and strategic mindset they were cultivating...Expect More. Pay Less.  Though they may not have officially stated it yet, that little phrase was creating a culture and we were all in. Drinking the (red, of course) Kool-Aid, as we called it. The company really started to deliver on that statement when we started working with world-renowned designers, bringing innovative designs and beautiful basics to the masses. The early ones were some of my faves, until we went looking for global designers and then...BAM! Go International was born and we started with Tara Jarmon.  Tara Jarmon, people!  At Target!

Fast forward nearly 10 years and I'm working for a global printing and content management company on assignment in Paris.  After a day at our office, I'm walking to the train station, close to Champs-Élysées, peering down at 45 degrees and it caught my eye. Tara Jarmon, etched in the botton of the glass window of a boutique!  My heart stopped, my jaw dropped and I was standing right in front of one of her shops.

The seed was now a dream.  Target did something unique at the time...and then every retailer became a copy cat for that strategy. What I love about it is the concept of taking something we all need and have in our closets, say a shirt for example, and they made it into something beyond the basic...shirt.

Lexi+Lou caters to those with discerning style and taste; especially when it comes to the charming bluegrass life consisting of horses, bourbon, entertaining, and weekends at the lake.  Every dress and outfit was designed to bring out your best features and is easy to care for.  If you're looking to give a gift, we hope you find something intelligent and authentic or handcrafted in the USA, creating a memorable moment when your special someone opens it.  Our accessories tell a beautiful story because the skilled artisan who created it has an amazing story themselves!